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  • I am currently studying in grade 12 and i have been studying at Global Education Centre for the past 2 years. Their innovative teaching methods and conceptual approach ensured that the concepts are very well understood, combined with the exhaustive resources which provided regular practice and improved my problem-solving capabilities. The teaching ensured that the topics for boards and the various entrance exams were covered and very well understood. The extensive revision before the final exams also helped in improving my performance considering that the JEE now remains as the sole option. GEC also provides unparalleled and dedicated coaching for both JEE mains and Advance. Thefaculties here build the topics from a very basic to an advanced level, making it feel easy and effortless by improving our conceptual understanding. Apart from the academic help and guidance, the teachers are very supportive and approachable. With the continued support from the faculties at GEC I am pretty sure I would do well in both my boards as well as JEE.


    Global Education Centre is truly committed in providing remarkable tutoring services. The tutoring provided by GEC is fantastic not only in terms of content but also in communication.The user-friendly sessions are also scheduled in advance but they are very flexible in making adjustments to the schedule when needed. The faculty of GEC is very friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. Our tutors provide the right blend of emotional support along with the academics. Tests are conducted time to time to make sure that the students are concentrating on their studies. The billing in GEC is very clear and it is easy to make the payments too. Chapter notes and extra questions are given regularly for practice. The classrooms are very clean and neat. External topics are taught during classes to provide help in competitive exams. The explanation of all the topics are nicely presented. Teachers also conduct many activities to make the learning more interesting such as conducting quizzes, presentation and playing educational games. The school scores of students are also gradually increasing due to the homework's given and tests conducted every week. Thank you to all the faculty members and support staff for providing us with such an educational environment.


    Global Education Centre is one of the best tuition centres in Qatar. The quality of education provided here is top notch and I am happy that I get to experience it. I have been studying in GEC from the beginning of by 10th and I am currently In 12th. I have never regretted my decision to join here. GEC has helped me achieve good grades in my 10th boards and 11th & I am thankful to the faculties in helping me with the same. They also provide coaching for entrance examinations and I am sure they are the best at that in Qatar. The staffs and the faculties in GEC are excellent in what they do. The teachers provide us with all sorts of worksheets, notes, important points and those are very helpful in learning the concepts. The experience that the faculties possess are very well reflected in the quality of their classes. I am so glad to be a part of GEC and I am so grateful to them for all the support they have provided.

    BHARATH P.Grade 12
  • GEC is undoubtedly one of the best coaching classes for JEE/NEET. The faculties are very professional and there was no problem in connecting with them. The environment at the centre is very friendly and it is made sure that the students understood every concept properly. The study materialsĀ  provided to us was very useful, mock tests which were conducted every month was helpful in preparing us for the competitive exams.

    Grade 12,
    DPS-MIS 2019-20
  • I have been with this institute for 3 years now. It has been a great platform for learning with an excellent team of educators. I have seen a vivid uplift in my grades. I appreciate the knowledge and support given by all the educators highly recommendable

    Masoom Patel Grade 12