The Academic Enhancement Programme (A.E.P)

Programme Aims

The Spinnaker School of English Academic Enhancement Programme (AEP) is an eight-day programme that aims to broaden the cultural and academic experiences of young learners aged between 11 to 17 years. This specific programme is in the fields of space technology and astrophysics. The programme includes tours of the UK’s top university destinations, including Oxford and Cambridge.We believe that many young peoples’ future careers lie in these cutting-edge fields. As this is a critical period in a student’s life when future studies or professions are being considered, we believe this programme will open young minds to all the opportunities available.

Programme Itinerary

Day 1

The students will be met at the airport and taken to the school in Portsmouth by private coach. Here, they will attend an induction to the programme and be formally introduced to the staff at the school and their host parents. The homestay is an integral element of the programme, that aims to foster cultural understanding.
Accommodation: Homestay in Portsmouth

Day 2

First day of classes at the school. This will include English for science and space technology, as well as a career guidance and leadership workshop. In the afternoon, students tour the historic town of Portsmouth.
Weather permitting: the students will visit the historic dockyard which is home to the Royal Navy where students can see historic ships and marine technology.
Accommodation: Homestay in Portsmouth

Day 3

Students travel to Leicester to visit the UK’s National Space Centre.
Here they will experience the UK’s largest domed planetarium,
iconic rocket tower and many more space exhibits.
Accommodation: Hotel in Oxford

Day 4

Students visit the ‘dreaming spires’ of Oxford, where they will participate in a special guided tour of the colleges of the world’s best university. Students will experience first-hand the institution that has seen some of the greatest thinkers in history among its alumni, such as Stephen Hawking and the father of the internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Part of the day will be spent visiting museums including the Museum of the History of Science which has in its exhibits, amongst other artefacts, Einstein’s blackboard.
Accommodation: Hotel in Oxford

Day 5

The theme of the day at the University of Cambridge will concentrate
on science and technology within the esteemed and learned environs
of the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world. Following
a day of inspiration at this world-renowned seat of learning, we then
move on to London so that we can begin the next stage of the tour in
the capital.
Accommodation: Hotel in London

Day 6 & 7

The final two days of the programme are spent sightseeing and visiting attractions in London. Amongst other things, we will visit the world-class Science Museum and the Natural History Museum as well as tours of the historic royal parks in London.
The programme ends with an award ceremony at our London centre where students receive their certificates.
Accommodation: Hotel in London

Day 8

Travel to the airport and prepare students for the flight home.