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We have set up a three stage program to ensure the best results. This program involves- In depth Concept, Constant Training and Regular Assessment. We have an excellent team of well experienced teachers for all the subjects. Our goal is to offer students in depth concept in each subject. The students are properly trained from examination point of view and regular assessment is made by conducting tests at every stage. Our dedicated and enthusiastic teachers also work together with small classes where students can receive individual help and attention.


Regular homework is an integral part of our courses. The quanta of the home work for the whole year are pre planned. The 50% of the questions of periodic exams will be from the home work and assignments will be properly followed up. The weekly tutorials provided at our centre in all the subjects with aim to offer opportunity to students to clarify each and every point of difficulty. The course work is reviewed periodically and any individual problem is dealt categorically. Our tutors not only work closely with students to improve their understanding in the subject matter but also help in building their confidence in dealing with examination questions.


We have our unique assessment system. We conduct tests periodically which help students and Tutors equally. Tutors can identify areas of weakness and deal with any difficulty strategically. We help students building confidence and provide all necessary techniques to succeed in examinations.

Exam Focus :A Three pronged exam approach is designed to enhance the confidence level of students in facing examinations.

Weekly Tests :Tests are conducted weekly on every topic. Maximum marks – 10 . The questions of EF will be strictly from a set of board examination questions which are distributed earlier.

Periodic Test :A monthly test for 20 marks covering all lessons covered during the previous month ensures regular revision and retention.

Mock Exam :There will be model exams before every terminal examination and the board examination.