• The most affordable and effective coaching centre for British Curriculum
    The most affordable and effective coaching centre for British Curriculum
    The most affordable and effective coaching centre for British Curriculum


1. I am interested but I don't know whether my child will be persuaded or not. Suggest me something.

No worries, you just need to persuade your child to attend one session of each subject with us. During such sessions, we will try to connect with your child and we assure you that he/she will continue with the sessions..

2. What happens after all sessions?

We will empower your child with academic subject skills, personal growth, and stress management skills throughout the sessions. We always try to make our sessions useful as much as possible and to guide your child to face new challenges.

3. Will the time clash with our school timing?

The timing at the academy will be set according to the timing at school. So, the academy timings will not clash with the school timings.



4. How do you prepare the students for the university exams?

We at the academy focus on the syllabus preparation, where the teachers teach topic wise and chapter wise. During the teaching, we make sure we take weekly and monthly tests and share the remarks and report with the parents, so that we can together analyze the performance of the student. And at the end of syllabus completion full syllabus mock test is also conducted for the practice of the students..

5. What are the type of course you provide?

The course is divided as IGCSE and A levels. Here at the academy, the junior IGCSE classes are until year 8, the year 9, 10 & 11 is senior IGCSE and the AS level (year 12) & A2 level (year 13) is together called as A levels.

6. What is the academic duration at your institute?

The academic duration here is the same as school – September to June. We help your child to mold with the education system.

7. How will you guide our child for future prospects or career path?

The teachers motivate and encourage students time-to-time. We also are glad to give our students opportunity to attend webinars regarding the higher education opportunities. We help the students with career guidance.

8. What are the subjects you provide education in?

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Biology

9. What is the working time of the Centre?

Sunday-Thursday: 1pm – 9pm
Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Friday: Weekly off

10. How do I enroll in your academy?

You can come into the centre at any point within our opening times or contact us over phone. You can also simply fill out an application form specifically stating which sessions you would like to attend.

11. How long is each session?

Each session is 1.5 hours long, this can be specifically for one subject or if there are 2 subjects then 3 hours per day (1.5 hours each subject).

12. Do you offer one to one tuition?

We only provide group tuition; we do not provide one on one classes. But if your child needs extra attention, we can arrange few sessions for doubt removal.

13. What is the student-teacher ratio?

We try to maintain small group of 20, maximum to 25

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