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You are a busy parent. Here are some tips which can guide you to select the best tuition centre for your child.



A tuition centre’s culture should be unique and positive. Its culture should be fun and warm such that upon entering, you and your child feel at ease and welcomed. A good centre runs based on the belief that all children, academically weak or otherwise, are welcomed into its programmes.

A good centre should have its own system which coordinates concept building, constant skill development trainings and regular assessment.



Find out more about the teachers and their profile. What is their experience in teaching? Do they have other teaching commitments? Are they part-timing after school hours? How long have they been in their career?   

Request for your child to attend a trial class too, if this is permitted. This can determine if there is rapport between the teacher and your child. Know whether they are willing to offer guidance beyond the class hours. This ensures your child is taken care of during and after class.


It is crucial that the material used is professionally presented and customised. It should be updated according to changes in syllabus. Check whether the institute has its own materials.


For example, a mathematics handbook should contain a wide range of questions which are arranged from simple to complex ones with plenty of questions in each level to develop confidence and varied problem solve skills of students.



A small class setting equates to more individual attention. A class size of no more than 20 makes it easier for teachers to identify issues that a child might have. Learning disabilities, can also be spotted more easily, allowing for quick intervention.

The bonding between the teacher and students is better too. Ask any child and he or she would likely tell you that he or she likes a certain subject because of the rapport with the teacher! This rapport is developed better in a small class setting. How meaningless it is to send your child for ‘tuition’ to a class having 50 students while there are only 30 students in school classrooms!



The physical environment of the centre can affect your child’s learning experience. Most children, when asked, state that they enjoy being in a spacious and fun environment which is warm and welcoming rather than congested apartments of home tutors which don’t even provide a proper washroom. A centre with a courtyard where children can hang out will be excellent. A library which they are encouraged to develop reading habits will also be ideal.Classrooms should also be conducive for learning with bright lighting, comfortable chairs and equipped with visual aids.


As a parent, it is your right to get a detailed report about your child’s progress at least once in a month via mail or call. Good centres conduct workshops and gatherings for parents occasionally.


Find out from existing parents and children how they feel about the institute. Positive reviews should put your mind at ease.



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